Silver Yorkie On Couch

The Silver Linings: Understanding the Origin and Characteristics of Silver Yorkies

If you’re a dog lover, you are likely familiar with the affectionate, lively, and aggressive nature of Yorkshire Terriers. Also known as “Yorkies,” these dogs are known for their unique appearances, charismatic personalities, and impressive history. The Yorkshire Terrier breed exhibits many coat colors, among which the ‘Silver Yorkies’ shine out with a unique beauty and grace. This blog post will delve into the origins and characteristics of these unique and captivating canines.

Origin of Silver Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers originated in England during the 19th century. Miners and mill workers bred them in Yorkshire and Lancashire to help control rats in mills and mines. These workers desired a small, agile dog capable of chasing and capturing rats in confined spaces.

While the exact lineages of the first Yorkies are unclear, most experts think they descended from several terrier breeds, including the Waterside Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, and the Old English Terrier. These small dogs eventually gained popularity among the British elite and were later introduced to the United States, where they also quickly gained favor.

Silver Yorkie At The Park

The classic Yorkie is known for its tan and blue coat. However, as with many breeds, variations in coat color have emerged over time, including the distinctive silver Yorkie. These unique silver-coated Yorkies are not a separate breed but simply Yorkshire Terriers with distinctive silver coloration.

Silver Yorkies probably come from a specific genetic line within the breed. Their silver coloration results from a recessive gene passed down from their parents. Both parents must carry the silver gene for their offspring to exhibit the silver coat, making Silver Yorkies rarer than their traditional counterparts.

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Characteristics of Silver Yorkies


Silver Yorkies carry the same physical characteristics as standard Yorkies, with the apparent distinction of their silver coat. While standard Yorkies have blue and tan hides, Silver Yorkies’ coats are predominantly silver, giving them a unique and beautiful appearance.

Their coat is typically a shiny silver from the back of the neck extending to the root of the tail, with a lighter shade on the belly and legs. The head and ears may retain some black or dark grey, stunningly contrasting their overall appearance. The distinctive silver color typically begins to show when the puppy is roughly six months old and is there permanently by the time they reach maturity.

Size and Weight

Silver Yorkies, like standard Yorkies, are small dogs. They usually weigh between 4 to 7 pounds and stand at a height of 7 to 8 inches at the shoulder when fully grown. Their small size means they’re an excellent choice for apartment living and for owners who prefer small-breed dogs.


Despite their small size, Silver Yorkies have a large and energetic personality. They are known for their bold, confident, and intelligent temperament. These little dogs are incredibly loyal and form strong bonds with their families. They’re also quite adventurous and love to explore their surroundings.

They are usually friendly and can get along well with other dogs and pets, provided people appropriately socialize them from a young age. They can sometimes be stubborn, so consistent training is essential. Their intelligent nature means they can learn commands and tricks quickly, making training a rewarding experience.

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Health and Lifespan

Silver Yorkies generally have the same health considerations and lifespan as any other Yorkie. They usually live between 13-16 years, with some living even longer with proper care. Some common breed-related health issues include dental problems, hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, and eye conditions. Regular check-ups with a vet and a balanced diet can help maintain their overall health.

Silver Rockies Rule!

Silver Yorkies, with their unique silver coats, is a stunning variation of the classic Yorkshire Terrier. They carry the same charm, vivacity, and loyalty as any other Yorkie, with an added layer of rarity and beauty in their coat color. 

These dogs are gorgeous to look at and make excellent companions, bringing joy and companionship to their families. Despite their silver-coat rarity, these dogs embody all the best traits of the beloved Yorkshire Terrier breed, making them a treasure among dog enthusiasts.