Partie Yorkies know how to Party

Parti Yorkies: Understanding the Rare and Beautiful Coat Type

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is one of the most beloved and recognized breeds in the dog world. Known for their aggressive personalities, luxurious coats, and compact size, Yorkies have stolen hearts worldwide. Today, let’s delve deeper into this breed’s scarce and beautiful variation—the Parti Yorkie.

What is a Parti Yorkie?

A Parti Yorkie is a Yorkshire Terrier with a specific gene that gives them a unique coat color. While the traditional Yorkie sports a steel blue and tan coat, a Parti Yorkie’s coat is a beautiful mix of white, black, and tan or white, blue, and tan.

This unique coloring isn’t a recent trend or a new breed but a natural manifestation of a recessive gene in the breed’s genetic makeup. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Parti color in Yorkies in 2000, and the dogs with this coloring have the same standard and pedigree as their traditional Yorkie counterparts.

Are Parti Yorkies Rare?

Yes, Parti Yorkies are rare. The Parti color is from a recessive gene. That means both parents must carry this gene for the puppies to exhibit this coloration. That condition is rare, making Parti Yorkies a unique sight in the Yorkie world.

However, as awareness and appreciation of these beautifully colored Yorkies grow, more breeders focus on breeding Parti Yorkies, gradually increasing their numbers.

What Colors Do Parti Yorkies Come In?

Parti Yorkies come in several color combinations, the most common of which are black, white, and tan or blue, white, and tan. The significant aspect of a Parti Yorkie’s coat is the white color, which must be present and makeup at least 30% of the overall coat color. The distribution and pattern of these colors can vary significantly from one Parti Yorkie to another, making each one uniquely beautiful.

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If you’re interested in Yorkie Colors, the Yorkshire Terrier Coloring Book is ideal!

What is a Parti Yorkie Mixed With?

A Parti Yorkie isn’t a mix of another breed with a Yorkie but rather a purebred Yorkie with a unique color pattern. The Parti color happens from a recessive gene within the Yorkie species itself. The fact means that a Parti Yorkie is just as much a Yorkshire Terrier as its traditionally colored relatives.

While breeders may breed two Parti Yorkies together to increase the likelihood of having Parti Yorkie puppies, the combination doesn’t involve another breed.

Amazing Dress

Parti Yorkies are Yorkshire Terriers beautifully dressed in a less common but unique color pattern. They carry all the characteristics, charm, and potential feistiness of traditional Yorkies, making them perfect for anyone seeking a rare version of this beloved breed. They may be hard to find, but their distinctive look and charm make the search worthwhile.